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 30 Minute Man

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PostSubject: 30 Minute Man   March 29th 2011, 1:46 pm

So, the following story was written in EXACTLY half an hour. I felt the need to get some idea flowing. It's probably shitty, but whatever. A timed exercise.
"You sir, shall not live to see tomorrow."


The rain pours on hero and villain from a storm swelled from the depths of the sea. It had started as a tropical storm off the coast of the island, but western winds and high temperatures brought the rain and more than enough additional seasonal strength with it. Lightning flashes frequently around the whole island and most of the Palm trees have been bent or broken from their sandy roots. Hero looks up at villain while scooting back, trying to escape for at least a moment to regain his composure and mount his counterattack, but villain does not let up. He pounds into hero's chest again and again, each time pushing more and more sand from behind his back all around them, Again and again, hero is pummeled, screaming in agony as his futile attempts to protect himself are driven lower and lower. "What did you expect, sir?" Villain says, landing a punch between each word. his face is as blank and emotionless, almost taunting in its lack of feeling. He was beating someone to a pulp, the least he could have done was given him a sadistic smile.

Hero is left with nothing. he can say nothing between his failing screams of pain. The oxygen from his lungs is slowly but surely being forced to new lows. It's almost a miracle that he can still breathe. Villain continues his onslaught, landing crushing blow after blow to Hero's ribcage. Even through Hero's defending arms, the blows force pushes through, doing damage as if they weren't there. Hero wa sin a predicament that most people couldn't dream of getting themselves out of.

Villain's speech was cold. He was a robot; a killing machine with a directive that he would do anything to accomplish. As he continued to pound away at Hero, his eyes remained fixated on Hero's, watching for any change of resolve. He had hoped Hero was broken by now, nothing was more annoying than a persistent dog who wouldn't stay down. "You, sir," he began. "Are quite the nuisance." Villain moved his attack from Hero's chest to his face, now beating his skull with the same ferocity as before. he still landed his punches between his words, making sure that both messages would get through to Hero: He was doomed. Villain was the victor.

Hero's face was beaten black and blue quickly, his screams of pain had been muffled by Villain's knuckles again and again. Eventually, Hero had just given up the fight, unable to scream. His body lay there limp as Villain lays into his face again and again. As his bleeding begins, the rain coming down only worsens the pain. The wasp sized drops of water stung like a continuous pelting of needles, spilling the blood from his face and into the sand that had now become his deathbed. Villain continued. With every punch he landed, more and more of Hero's skull was opened. There was no life left in his eyes. His breathing had become light... No, it had stopped. As did his heartbeat. The only thing that was still functioning was his brain, receiving sensory information from what was left of Hero's skull. Its bones had cracked, turning what was once a face a bloody pool of broken bone and tenderized meat. Villain continued his punches for 7 seconds after Hero's body grew limp, the hypothesized time for the brain to be active after death.

Villain stood up completely and stepped over Hero's dead body, walking back to the shore. His face remained lifeless, emotionless. he took off his gloves and tossed them aside, not wanting to keep any trace of Hero on his person. He took a step into the tumultuous sea, steeping his thighs in the warm water and turning back to the island. "Goodbye" he said as he and the whole island began to sink into a perpetual black. Dark hands reached up for Hero's body, scratching and clawing at its remains, drawing it ravenously into the endless abyss. The island followed, torn apart by the dark limbs. Villain sank in of his own accord, emotionless.
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PostSubject: Re: 30 Minute Man   March 29th 2011, 2:01 pm

I say its pretty good for a 30 minute thing, I usually do my stories flowing from the top of my head like this.
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30 Minute Man
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