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 That's What You Get...

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PostSubject: That's What You Get...   December 2nd 2009, 11:08 pm

-*Mahk-X took a stroll through the academy, tossing the lombardi rings up and down. He was going to get Valerio back for being his errand boy. As such, he decided to visit the massive planets academy for aspring ninjas. He went into the lowest class for dumbass fail kids who were going to be suck ass ninja of uber faildome. Upon his arrival the lady at the front marveld at his appearance-*

Front Desk Lady: Why... Mahk-X-senpai!!! What brings you here?
-*She said saluting me as I walked in, I waved her hand down while smiling she blushed, im a sexy mutherfucker-*

I just wanted to pay the youth a visit, give em a motivational speech...

Front Desk Lady: Of course, the Kage of The Twilight and Protector of our Planet is always welcome here at Vescrutia ninja academy! No doubt you wish to speak with the accelerated kids right!

Nah.. I wish to encourage the low ones, to give them some words of advice

-*The lady smiled and was pleased at my ability to give back to the community, so she got up and escorted me to the failure dumbass low scoring ninja class, once inside the kids were being roudy, doing random sexy jutsu's and throwing shruiken and kunai. when I walked in a kunai hit me in the eye and bounced right off, all the kids instantly shut the fuck up, the lady then began to speak-*

Front Desk Lady: We have a special guest just for you... Mahk-X who will be speaking to you all today! Everyone knows him as the Earths Advocate and the-
-*The lady gupled and I smiled, I knew what she was going to say-*
Front Desk Lady: The great destroyer...
-*The kids gasped, as I smirked a smirk of badassery, it was my turn to talk..-*

So who threw that kunai?
-*All the kids turned around and pointed at some kid in the back surrounded by six friends, they were failed the hardest and the most worthless ninja of all time. awesome! I would appear in front of them towering over them-*

I see that you all choose to mask your potential with your bad-assness, you remind me of myself. Take these...
-*I hand them the lombardi rings, except for the red storm one... gotta give that one to my daughter, who wouldnt listen to valerio anyway.-*

Random Kid:Whats these?

Rock candy in a ring...

Random Kid:REALLY!!!

-*The kids would foolishly swallow the rings, as I geass them into tasting good, I wave and give a thumbs up to the kids and smack the front desk lady on the ass. She blushes and I take off satisfied back to the lab-*

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PostSubject: Re: That's What You Get...   December 3rd 2009, 12:34 am

((okay its on))

*Using the Sky flames to make mist flames to create this show of children eating my rings, it was all an illusion of course, but it always brighten my day to look at these*

Well back to real life

*I light a cigarette and proceed to start finding guardians*
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That's What You Get...
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